Kinesiologists To Check Out

I think it is important that you find a kinesiologist you like (and also one whose working hours are compatible with your availability for appointments). Also note that each kinesiologist has different preferred kinesiology modalities (and there are lots of different types of kinesiology around). So even though we are all kinesiologists and we all use muscle testing, we still work very differently, and we tend to specialize on different things.

Here I put together a list of kinesiologists that I know and trust either through personal experience or through word of mouth by other kinesiologists whose opinion I trust. The list is only a starting point. There are lots of good kinesiologists out there. Go ahead, do your research and enjoy the balances.

  • Marketa is a Kinesiologist with a background in Physiotherapy with 20 years of experience. She combines her skills of kinesiology with her thorough knowledge of the human body, inner wisdom and intuition to bring healing to her clients.
    if you need help to work through emotional or physical challenges give her a call: 04 1239 1397. She works in Brighton. Her website is:

  • You can also have a session with Denise, she’s a very experienced kinesiologist working from Chelsea and she also teaches some really good kinesiology courses, including some that she created (I’ve done all of them myself). Her contact details are on her website:

  • There’s another experienced kinesiologist in Carrum Downs (Quintessential Health). Michelle is not only a highly intuitive kinesiologist (very skilled in kinergetics) but she’s also a registered homeopath. Her number is 0468 639 398.

  • Anne is a kinergetics instructor and she has all the test kits you might ever need for food sensitivities. She’s based in Doncaster. Her contact details are on her website:
  • If you need a kinesiologist who works with children with learning and behavioural problems, visit Tracey in Ferntree Gully. She’s got a vast experience working with children on “spectrums”, and she also works with adults. She teaches a variety of kinesiology courses (including her own course “Integrating the primitive reflexes using Brain Gym® and Touch for Health”). Tracey is also a nutritionist.
    Please find her contact details on her website:

  • Julie is an international faculty member of Brain Gym International. She teaches several different Edu-K courses. She also has a lot of experience with children (and adults too). She’s based in Glen Waverley. Her contact details are on her website:

The list above is a good starting point, and I also encourage you to do your own research and try a couple of kinesiologists that you feel drawn to. Kinesiology is very powerful, and works even better if you trust your practitioner.

You can also find registered kinesiologists through the professional kinesiology bodies:

Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)
Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)