Brain Gym® 101

Unleash the power of your brain!

Used in over 80 countries, Brain Gym® movements promote brain integration in every aspect of our lives. The Brain Gym® movements are simple and easy to learn, a lot of them can be done sitting or lying down, or can be done on people who cannot use their muscles (like babies) and will still benefit from the brain integration it brings about. It is also widely used in schools to promote better learning and also amongst seniors for memory and co-ordination improvement. It can be adapted for office use for better performance, and greatly benefits athletes as well to improve their concentration and sports results.

It’s a really great tool to have.

Duration: 4 days
Time: 9am – 5pm each day
Pre-requisits: none
Place: Highett (Melbourne, Bayside)
Cost: $690 (Includes the Brain Gym® 101 course book)