Touch For Health 1

This is the first unit of the TFH Synthesis.

By the end of the course you will know how to:

* Muscle test
* Release emotional stress
* Do quick and easy brain integration exercises
* Use simple pain management techniques
* Do easy exercises to help your energy system function better
* Find and balance the 14 Meridians
* Find and test muscles that are related to the 14 meridians
* Find and use neurolymphatic massage points
* Find and use neurovascular holding points
* Use food to strengthen your Energy System (and your muscles)
* Balance a person to achieve his or her goal
* Decrease neck and shoulder tension
* Do an easy technique that helps the eyesight as well as reading and comprehension
* Find the origin and insertion of muscles and how to use it for balances
* Balance the energy systems of others who cannot be directly muscle tested (e.g. babies or pets)

Pre-requisits: none
Place: Highett (Melbourne, Bayside)
Cost: $450 (Includes the Touch For Health course book)