What is Kinesiology?

“What is kinesiology and how can it help me?” is a question I’ve been asked many times.

Kinesiology is a natural therapy. There are many different types of kinesiology around, but all of them use muscle testing.

Our body is like a bio-computer. It stores everything we experienced in life. It also holds stress and unless it’s released it can have long term negative effects on our well-being. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to connect to our “bio-computer” and retrieve the information we need to know. Our body will give all the answers if we ask the right questions.

Kinesiologists are not medical doctors, hence we cannot diagnose or cure. But we can help to track down underlying emotions behind physical issues and help to find out when and why it happened and what we can do to resolve it. We can also balance the body’s energy system (I do a lot of work with meridians and chakras) to dissolve blockages and help the energy flow freely again. This then will then help the body’s natural healing processes to kick in more efficiently.

During a kinesiology session there are many natural ways we can balance the body’s energy systems. Depending on what the body needs we might use aromatherapy, massage points, accupressure holding points, run meridians, use Bush or Bach Flower Essences, colour therapy, sound/vibration therapy (tuning forks) etc.

The best way to get your answer to “What is kinesiology?” is to try out a session. Please check out our fantastic New Client Offer.